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School Improvement
The aim of the School Improvement Service is to provide schools with a high quality service to support their continued improvement
The aim of the West Berkshire School Improvement Team SLA is to provide schools with a high quality service to support their continued improvement.
We continue to offer a range of opportunities that support the School Improvement Strategy with flexible elements to help schools meet existing and future challenges. This is achieved through a balance of statutory services provided free of
charge and packages of additional services brokered through the School Improvement Service Level Agreement
Co-ordinator. The service operates on a “not for profit” basis.
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Application form - Support staff in West Berkshire schools
14 May
Word application form for schools to use for support staff roles- updated to comply with GDPR.
Schools Guide on SHB
09 May
Sexual Behaviour guidance and resource When a young person displays sexualised behaviour in school, this can often raise anxiety and cause reactions that may have unintended consequences. This leaflet aims to help us to think through our reactions to sexualised behaviour (face to face and online) and help us to react in a way that is proportionate and sensitive to the needs of both the young person whose behaviour is causing concern and to the needs of all pupils. Please see the updated guidance. Brooks Sexual Behaviour Traffic Light Tool - A guide to identifying sexual behaviours Introduction This innovative resource is based on the original 'Traffic Light Framework' developed by Family Planning Queensland in Australia and has been adapted for use within the UK. The resource uses a traffic light tool to categorise the sexual behaviours of young people, to help professionals: make decisions about safeguarding children and young people assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviour in children and young people understand healthy sexual development and distinguish it from harmful behaviour By identifying sexual behaviours as green, amber or red, professionals across different agencies can work to the same criteria when making decisions and protect children and young people with a unified approach. This resource has been designed to help professionals think through their decisions and does not replace organisational procedures or assessment frameworks. https://www.brook.org.uk/our-work/the-sexual-behaviours-traffic-light-tool link to the tool and please see the guidance document.
LSCB Newsletter
02 May
Berkshire West Safeguarding Children Board newsletter April 2018