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School Improvement
The aim of the School Improvement Service is to provide schools with a high quality service to support their continued improvement
The aim of the West Berkshire School Improvement Team SLA is to provide schools with a high quality service to support their continued improvement.
We continue to offer a range of opportunities that support the School Improvement Strategy with flexible elements to help schools meet existing and future challenges. This is achieved through a balance of statutory services provided free of
charge and packages of additional services brokered through the School Improvement Service Level Agreement
Co-ordinator. The service operates on a “not for profit” basis.
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Health and Wellbeing in Schools Hub March 2019
01 Mar
Health and Wellbeing in Schools – Update March 2019 After many years of campaigning and lobbying by educators, organisations, health and Public Health practitioners for statutory relationships, relationships and sex education and health education, The Department of Education has published the statutory guidance. The draft guidance, which is awaiting final parliamentary sign-off, will be compulsory from September 2020. So what now? · Read the guidance - attached · Review what is being taught now · Plan for updates, training, policy updates and resources ready for September 2020 · Celebrate that every child in England will learn how look after themselves physically and mentally and how to make positive relationships now and in the future. Schools can contact the Health and Wellbeing in Schools team to discuss the new guidance, training opportunities and resources for 2020. West Berkshire Wellbeing Workshops are available to develop knowledge and understanding to support delivery of the new Health curriculum. · Core elements of children’s healthy lifestyles ( primary) · 5 Ways to Wellbeing · Understating substances misuse · Sleep Well, Live well Support and guidance · PSHE Association – curriculum guidance, training and lesson plans · Sex Education Forum – curriculum and policy guidance and training · Alcohol Education Trust – curriculum guidance, lesson plans, resources and training · DO – lesson plans and curriculum development In this issue of the Hub discover more about Sleep, (now part of the health curriculum), local running events and how the Year 3 Healthy lifestyles workshops are being delivered in West Berkshire.
Safeguarding children and protecting professionals in early years settings: online safety considerations
05 Feb
The Government has recently published the following guidance (4 Feb. 2019): Guidance to help those who work in early years settings consider their practice and to take steps to safeguard both children and adults online. It provides information for both practitioners and managers to reflect on when taking into account online safety. You can read the guidance online or download the attachments available on this page. Please copy and paste this text into your browser if the about link does not work: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/safeguarding-children-and-protecting-professionals-in-early-years-settings-online-safety-considerations
Cognition and Learning Team Service Offer 2019 - 2020
23 Jan
Cognition and Learning Team Service Offer 2019 - 2020