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'I Can' Newsletter June 2019

The Home Environment: Changing the Conversation

Early years are the most crucial time for speech, language and communication development. Ensuring children learn to communicate effectively, and needs are identified early, requires a collective approach from pre-schools, practitioners, parents and carers. Without this, we risk allowing children to fall behind once they reach school; particularly given that up to 50% of children in some areas of deprivation have delayed language development.

We all recognise that learning in the home is vital during children’s early lives. But how can we empower parents and carers to offer the best possible support to their children?

In this issue, we discuss the importance of play, raising public awareness of SLCN, and what we’re doing to change the conversation about home learning.

Thank you for your continued support for our mission to ensure no child is left behind due to difficulty speaking or understanding.


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Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of I CAN

22 Jul 2019

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