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Downland Teaching Alliance

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The core purpose of The Downland Alliance is raising the achievement of all pupils in all schools in the local area by creating a self-sustaining system of school improvement.

Our vision for The Downland Alliance is one whereby:

- Professional development of all staff from Initial Teacher Training through to the development of new and existing Headteachers, and including associate staff, is of the highest quality, equally important and focused on student outcomes.

- Schools work together, in an atmosphere of trust and honesty, to support and challenge one another resulting in more good and outstanding schools due to rapid and sustained progress for all students.

- Joint practice development is integral to all teachers, and this work transcends the Alliance and not only draws on expertise but also impacts on professionals from outside or within the Alliance to achieve the moral purpose of benefiting ALL young people regardless of their school.

- The Alliance grows and responds to local and national need and is in the forefront of the school lead system leadership.

Membership to the Downland Alliance is free. Alliance members can access all training opportunities and work in partnership within the Alliance to improve outcomes across West Berkshire.

The principle which underpins our work is to capture best practice and share it – always with a focus on impact and on what will make the most difference to the success and opportunities for our students.
We aren’t exclusive or elitist and we see great value in future collaborative relationships between groups of schools working together to support and learn with and from each other.
Joining us therefore will help to make a difference. You will become part of shaping the future.



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