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Critical Incidents in Schools

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Planning and preparing for emergencies can save lives.  It can also help prevent an incident getting worse, protect against litigation and enhance the school’s standing as a safe place to learn and work, giving confidence to staff, parents and pupils.

A critical incident is typically one that is likely (or has potential) to cause an occurrence that is beyond the capacity of the school operating under normal conditions to respond to independently. Such as:


  • Threat to safety and welfare of pupils and/or staff; or
  •  Immediate or delayed emotional reactions in large numbers of staff, pupils or parents, surpassing their normal coping mechanisms; or
  •  Serious disruption to the running of the school; or
  • Significant public/news media attention on the school.

This team provides support and guidance to schools prior to and during incidents, severe weather events, etc. The team manages the School Closure and Schools Critical Incident processes and has created a plan to assist schools in managing incidents.

The Team

Emergency Planning Liaison Officer
Mark Lewis - mark.lewis@westberks.gov.uk - (01635) 519038
Deputy Emergency Planning Liaison Officer
Fiona Simmonds - fiona.simmonds@westberks.gov.uk - (01635) 519366